Mortgage For Young Family — Solution Or Problem

What the mortgage gives us. First of all, a real opportunity to buy your own apartment. What we lose and what risk, when we take a mortgage. Of course, this is a serious risk, given that life circumstances change, financial problems arise in the country, which affects the family budget of especially young families, one can not be sure of the future, the world is changing, but debt obligations remain, we can not avoid them . Therefore, it is necessary first of all to soberly assess their capabilities and prospects for the poor. In which cases is it not worth taking a mortgage? Let’s consider some cases: You work in low-paid work, you are not a valuable employee and at any time you can be out of work.

If the boss periodically threatens to fire you, then do not take risks, without deciding on a new job. It makes sense to pass courses in parallel in different directions, so that there is an opportunity to somehow earn and timely pay interest on the loan. You have growing children and are planning big expenses for their arrangement in a kindergarten, school or university. When we assess our capabilities, we do not take into account the costs that inevitably may arise in the near future — this is not permissible and risky. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately calculate and determine all the additional sources of income. You count on the help of the elders in your family, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, hoping that they will help you in paying the mortgage.

They will certainly help you, but only the time that is assigned to them by destiny … You are able to control your own budget, and there is nobody to trust it. Unfortunately — this is a serious problem in our time, and be sure that the money will go to pay for a mortgage and not for an unexpectedly luxurious coat or some kind of a pribluda for a car, you can not. In advertising professionals work. A lot of other reasons that need to be taken into account. Summarizing the above, you can say that a mortgage loan will be beneficial for you only if your income and your budget are controlled by you, everything else is force majeure, which is better to forget, for life is force majeure. An important question of course is where it is profitable to take a loan. It should be noted that the lending company can be both private banks and the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML), whose activities are controlled by the State, and the risks of mortgage lending to regional agents AHML are minimal. With whom to deal, you decide. Of what is the sum of the mortgage loan.

This amount primarily includes payments under the loan agreement, including: the amount of repayment of the principal debt on the loan payment of interest on the loan commission for review of the application for the loan and execution of the loan agreement commission for the issuance of a mortgage loan commission for maintaining the accounts of the borrower commission for settlement and operational Maintenance of commission for servicing credit and other cards possible payments of the borrower in favor of third parties. As we see summing elements of a mortgage loan a lot. Could there be less of them? Of course it can. In a competitive struggle everything is possible, you need to look. For example, I know the company that is an agent of AHML, offers a mortgage in Izhevsk without commission fees. That is, 3-5 items from this list can be simply deleted. You need to look for, study all the proposals in your city, because the amount of the mortgage loan is large, and therefore the amount of the debt and all its components is great. Try to assess your opportunities for obtaining a mortgage here. I hope the article was useful to you. Good luck!